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"Lunch in the Rain""Prairie Breakfast""Wild Things""High Desert Morning""Prairie Lunch""Somewhere""Wyoming Spring""High Desert View""As I Remember""Idaho Day""Memory Lake""Pasture 48"
Judy Whitmyre
If you ask Judy Whitmyre when she became an artist she will tell you she started painting when she was old enough to hold a paint brush. From her earliest remembrances art was always an important part of her life. She was recognized nationally in high school for her achievement in art and went on to receive a bachelor’s of art degree from San Jose State University. Judy taught school in the Bay Area for 13 years.

In 1988 Judy relocated to Sun Valley, Idaho with her husband, Gene Whitmyre. Judy’s love of color, texture and design led her to become an international award winning “fiber artist”. She was a finalist in the “International American Quilters Society 2000”, the grand prize winner of the “Idaho American Quilters Society 2000” competition and has won awards in many other competitions over the years.

In 2001 Judy began painting again and found great joy and immediate success. Her work is influenced by her impressions of both desert landscapes and the mountain landscapes surrounding her Idaho home. Judy’s medium is acrylic paint used along with Nova texture medium, acrylic polymer and marble dust. Her paintings are in collections of contemporary art collectors around the United States and Europe.

Judy currently resides in Ketchum, Idaho and La Quinta, California.