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"Wing Man""Mystic""Modifier""Kismet""Emissary Owl""Impressionist Octopus""Mediator Fox""Escort Coyote""Maximus""Administrator""Highlander""April""Arthur""OZ""Anakin""Levi""Wickaninnish""Edward""Date Night""Taylor""Henri""Larry, Curly & Moe""Twins""Paul""Lewis and Clark""Steve""Walter""Night Watchman""M'amin" [Nez Perce Appaloosa]"Morning Layover""Ursa""Wolfmoon""Ray""Mel and Todd""Apples""Milk Moon""Jeb""Peaches""JR""Honey""Hamlet""The Bachelor""Moon Showers""Butch""Harvard""Mia""Rosie""Spotted""Stag""Ted""Love Rites""Little Big Horn""Red Bull""Camp Hill Gal""Dairy Queen""Mary""Finn""Emma""Dutch""Turner""South Rim""Shadow Maker""Margarita""Gunther"
Patricia Griffin
Patricia's work has been exhibited in many museums including the Women's Museum Of California, CA, the Old West Museum, WY, the Monmouth Museum, NJ, the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, NM, the Greater Plains Art Museum, NB, Dutot Museum, PA, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, PA, Everhart Museum, PA, Hunterdon Art Museum, NJ, Allentown Art Museum, PA, and the International Museum of Art, Texas.

Patricia was born in Philadelphia in 1967. She graduated with her Bachelors of Fine Art from Moore College of Art and Design in 1989. Patricia currently lives and works in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

She utilizes subject matter as a testing ground for concepts of color, organization and structure. The animals give her an endless opportunity for reflection, growth and expression.

Griffin’s palette is responsible in large part for the power of her work. An intense involvement with bold colors and light dominate her paintings. The paintings are often grand in scale, with a dynamic vibration creating an optical flicker. These elements transpose the expected to the extraordinary.

Artist Statement
“I am a mother, wife, painter, farmer, naturalist and constant traveler. The first animal I remember painting is Smokey the Bear for a contest in First Grade. Smokey in his overalls, shovel in hand, standing next to a smoldering tree. I continue, forty years later, to paint with the goal of stirring stewardship within the viewer.

My paintings are a contemporary manifestation of an ancient muse. The images are portraits created to recognize oneself in the optical flicker of another form. They are an exploration of color to transpose an encounter into an awakening. Color as energy transfers positive emotion. My wish is to bring the viewer into the present moment of reflection and peace.

*10% of the proceeds of Patricia A Griffin’s work is donated towards conservation.