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"Approaching Autumn""Early Winter""The Small Bear""Mountain Bear""Carry On #3"Carry On #2""Carry On #1""Red Wolf""Winter Pasture""Blue Night""In the Sky""Washed Over""Fading""Springtime""Fragment""Father Bear""Grandfather Bear""Moose in the Grass""This Must Be The Place""The Matriarch & Fawn""Bear Cub""Looking Back II""Grose Ventre Horse""Confront""By the Small Creek""Aware""The Fields Back Home""Finding a Way Home""Leave It Alone""Look Back""Too Close to be Far""Looking for Places""Another Change""In Blue""Red""Canyon Bear""On the Pass""The Scout""Beta""Alpha""The Omega""Lone Wolf""Brother Fox at Night""The Elder""The Wolf""The Bear""Green River""The Hunter""The Protector""In Youth""An Instant""Bear""Chief Black Coal""Deer""Golden Eagle""Magpie""Spring""The Tree""Vantage""Wolf""The Migration"
Matt Flint
Matt Flint's work can be found in the permanent collections of the State of Wyoming, the Nicolysen Museum of Art in Casper, WY, and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson, WY. He has been included within the press as "artist to watch" in both Western Art & Architecture magazine as well as Southwest Art Magazine.

Matt is a painter from the mountain town of Lander, Wyoming. He grew up surrounded by woods, animals and family. As a boy, he spent endless days creating art and exploring the fields and woods around him. Now he spends time with his family, painting and exploring the rugged Wind River Mountains that overlook his house and studio.

Living in Wyoming has had a profound effect on his work. The space, sense of isolation, and wildness of the land continues to amaze, mystify and inspire him.

Artist’s Statement
"My paintings are of animals, plants and landscapes seen through a moment of shifting focus. I paint the way I explore the rugged mountains by my house, always pushing to see what is over the next hill, searching for the unexpected.

I begin my painting without a plan. No preliminary sketches are made; every thought is worked out directly on the canvas. Artifacts of the creative process can be seen in the rich textures, worked surfaces and veiled light qualities created by working and reworking the piece. As one image comes into focus another is fading away, retaining a piece of previous while hinting at what might come next.

The result of my search in paint mimics the content series of changes I see in nature.”