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Vincent Peach is the Designer and Creative Director of Peach Pearl, where all of his pieces are handmade and one of a kind. He grew up working in his family's jewelry and pearl business. His father, James L. Peach is one of the largest pearl wholesalers in the world and is considered by many the world's foremost authority on pearls. Vincent uses only the finest quality pearls in his designs. He chooses them based on luster, size, shape, surface imperfections and origin.

Vincent Peach currently resides and works in Nashville, Tenn.

Vincents work has been featured in US Weekly as well as Nashville Lifestyles.

Artist's Statement-

"As Director and President of PEACH PEARL, my main focus is designing and crafting one of a kind art jewelry that is built for comfort and elegance. My favorite gem to work with is the Pearl, also known as the living gem. Pearls have been significant throughout human history as wars have been financed and fought over them. We use them in a much more peaceful way by combining Pearls with organic elements such as leather that compliment each other and flow seamlessly. I have been surrounded by Pearls my whole life, subsequently have gained extraordinary knowledge in pearls of all sizes, shapes and origins. I was blessed to be born into a family that is known as one of the largest pearl wholesalers in the world. My family and I regard every pearl as an individual work of art by God.

Aside from Leather and Pearls, we create jewelry composed of high quality Pave set Diamonds, Vermeil, Rhodium Chain and hand woven Sterling Silver bracelets. My staff, as well as myself, spend each day creating and improving our designs as well as providing exemplary customer service. PEACH PEARL is more than a company, it is a family."

Vincent Peach
President/Founder - PEACH PEARL

"Royal Seaplicity Earrings"
Tahitian Pearls, Leather
"Esperanza Wrap"
Freshwater Peals and Leather
"Seaplicity Bracelet"
Tahitian Pearls, Leather
"Constellation Necklace"
Freshwater Pearls, Leather
"Boho Tassle Earrings"
Freshwater & Tahitian Pearls, Leather
"Eternity Necklace"
Leather, Tahitian Pearls, Australian Pearls, Freshwater Pearls
"Le Melissa"
Freshwater Pearls
"Constellation Bracelet"
Leather, Freshwater Pearls