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Ed has been featured in the Springfield Art Museum, MO, The Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art - Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, and Hsinchu Municipal Glass Art Museum, Hsinchu, Taiwan. He has been published in "The Ozarks: The People, The Mountains, The Magic" 1996, "White House Collection of American Crafts" 1995, "The Artful Home: A Source & Guide for Residential Art" Guild Sourcebooks 2003, and "Contemporary Marvels and Related Art Glass" 2001. Ed received a M.A. at Emporia State University, Emporia, Kansas. Ed’s work is found in public and private collections throughout the world.

Red Fern Glass is the small hot glass sculpture studio of Ed Pennebaker. Ed makes Art Glass Chandeliers and Mixed Media Sculpture using traditional offhand glassblowing techniques, glass casting, kilnforming, metal fabrication, and bronze casting.

All the glass is made by Ed in his Arkansas backwoods studio. Ed believes in working incessantly, cultivating concepts, discrimination and technique.

Artist Statement

"My attempts in making artwork have been to work with the glass to show its fluid qualities and its interaction with light. I derive much on my inspiration from the garden and the woods surrounding my home and studio. The many seeds, buds, blooms, pods, and growing and developing plants and organisms continually amaze and inspire me. My latest sculptures like "Gone to Seed in the Crepuscular Landscape" and "Summer Blossom" deal with seeds/germination, flowers/seedpods, death/rebirth. I see my chandeliers and lighting belonging to a contemporary line of the "decorative arts" that developed from the arts and crafts movement where craftsmanship is of the utmost importance. Striving for the "perfect object" is the goal of the craftsman/designer and working directly with the materials at hand provides the greatest satisfaction for me."

Ed currently resides in the woods near Osage, Arkansas.

43" x 42"