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"Ribboned Aspen""Greater Purpose""Smolder""Life's Dance""Jackson Totem""Nite Aspens""Aspen Totem""Celebration Trees""Aspen Sisters""Amber Aspen Totem""Quakies"
Kira Fercho
Kira Fercho is a modern impressionistic oil painter from the Billings, MT area. She combines the western culture that we cherish with a contemporary edge that excites. At the age of 32, she has broke auction records at the Yellowstone Art Museum and has been held in high regard at both the CMRussell Art Auction (jury selection), CMRussell quick draw (invitation only), and the Western Master's in Great Falls. Kira shows with living Master's such as R. Tom Gilleon, Russell Chatam, and Loren Entz.

Although her list of professional accomplishments are impressive, her collectors have fallen in love with her and the work because of her personal achievements. Kira is a single mother who has obtained her Master's degree and has a private practice specializing in therapy for youth and veterans who have been victims of trauma. She does this work free of charge to her clients. "I feel blessed in the fact that my paintings are doing well. My work is fueled by the energy that my client's give me. I have to give them back something for the blessings that I have been given".