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5 Time Winner of The AGTA Spectrum award
Most Recently won best use of color and placed third overall in the day-wear category. Martin Key is a Gem-Cutter and Jewelry Designer Located in Portland, Maine.

The Artist:
I am a gemsmith. Gem is my medium. Whereas most jewelry designers draw their inspiration from the starting point of a finished gem or gems, I begin a little further back in the process. I look at raw gem material and envision a final piece which is likely to involve a new and unusual form of gem stone(s) as well as an original mounting. This unique approach to design has resulted in numerous innovations in gem cutting and setting techniques, and gives my work its distinctive style. My newest designs were based on a wish to show the amazing beauty of natural gems in a way which highlights their incredible color and optical purity, and also presents them in a striking, yet simple geometric form. The frame is a classic method for showcasing a work of art, and I feel that a well-cut, high quality gemstone is very much a work of art. In the case of my pieces, the frame is also part of the picture and complements the center stone while adding a new dimension to the concept of "framing".

"The Frame Ring" with Blue Tourmaline and Fire Opal
Blue Tourmaline, Fire Opal, 22K Gold
"The Nautilus Pendant" with Turbine-Cut Green Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline, Black Onyx, 22K Gold