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"Among the Herd" "Bison Train""Horse Play""Into Winter""Life Plan (Bison)""Ready for Winter""Square Cloud Bison""Wapiti" "White Tail""Whitewater Rainbow""This Way and That""Golden Back Bull""Prairie Angel""Balanced Palms""Elk Study in Green""Elk with Lavender""Three Grizzly Bears""Golden Hour""Waiting for the Rise""Golden Inspiration""Horses and Sky""Golden Back Bison""Looking Back""Bull Moose with Red Belly""Bull Elk, Aware""Seeing Yellow""Green Bull""Mule Deer in Ochre""White Horn Series #1""Bison Thoughts""Wolf with Winter Coming"
Ron Russon
Ron Russon was born and raised in a rural area outside of Lehi, Utah, just south of Salt Lake City. He was surrounded by the Wasatch Mountains, many farms, and acres of cultivated ground. Raised in a family of five boys in an agrarian area, work was taught and expected.

Ron became a freelance illustrator and gained several clients, but he is drawn back to his rural roots of farms and wildlife. Listening to bluegrass or space-pop, Ron paints in oil employing a loose brush and pallet knife to varied scenes, from a serene resting tractor in a windrowed field of hay to a cacophony of geometric colors creating luminescent bison. Through both abstraction and realism, his art reflects his relationship with nature and his communication with the outdoors.