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"Solitude""Moncure Teepee""Killing Time""Dream Catcher""Purple Storm""Geronimo"
"Dee""Turtle II""Stingray""Dawn Horse"
Shawn Rivett
“The overwhelming and powerful images of large-format photography bring you directly into the scene. I capture moments in time that offer the viewer an opportunity to experience the variations that mother nature and human nature provide.” — Shawn Rivett

Shawn Rivett is a photographer and interior designer born and raised in Casper, Wyoming. Growing up in the family-owned steel and recycling business, he was exposed to the use of raw industrial materials at a very young age. This influence, along with the works of American landscape photographer Clyde Butcher, serves as inspiration for Shawn’s contemporary-rustic style.

After pursuing photography at Casper College he began to create a distinctive portfolio of landscape images, portraits and cityscapes that encompass his travels around the Rocky Mountains and throughout Europe.

Additionally, Shawn has worked on several high-end residential and commercial interior design projects, and is currently working as a contributor to the University of Wyoming’s landmark Gateway Building.

In June of 2013, he launched Haven, a gallery and design studio showcasing Wyoming-based artists and artisans. The space exhibits rustic elements with clean, modern finishes in a renovated 19-century building located in Casper’s Historic Yellowstone District.

Moving forward, Shawn plans to expand his photography and interior design portfolio and grow the Haven brand. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and cooking for friends and family.