RARE Gallery - Jackson Hole Art Galleries
"Grand Tetons""Snow King""Old Jackson Wagon""Cowboy Bar""Plow Truck""Whiskey Car""Teton Panoramic""Teton Wildflower""Teton Barn"
Mike Ryan lives in the Utah desert outside of Zion National Park. He travels throughout the West, creating visual journals of his time spent in wild places.

Mike’s paintings feature vintage vehicles and vivid landscapes, always with an emphasis on vibrant color and texture. His car and truck series is inspired by a nostalgia for the past and a desire to capture the vehicles he loved growing up. His custom paintings are much sought after gifts, as he is happy to create a portrait of a family’s particularly beloved car or truck.

Mike’s current work features striking landscapes and sweeping views. His dynamic paintings distill and enhance the most important elements of each scene he captures - loose, impressionistic renderings of unforgettable vistas. Fascinated by the surface quality of paint, Mike applies oil to canvas, creating layers that convey depth and light with visible brushstrokes and rich texture. Viewers can almost feel the warm sun on their faces and the soft breeze at their backs as they lean into one of Mike's paintings.