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"I Hear Bells""Love's Last Rose""No Regrets""Poppies""The Side of Me You Do Not See""Some Like It Hot""Life & Lemons""It's 5:00 Somewhere""Five Pesos for my Pig""Our Hands Define Us""Temperance Feed the Soul""Sage""Breathtaking""Sorrowful""Damn Wind""Damn Rain""Blissful""After Sundown""Life is a Bowl of Cherries""Wind and Water""Presentation"
JR Eason
Born on a rural Idaho ranch, J.R. currently resides in Scottsdale, AZ, showing her works, and connecting with those who appreciate, and collect her figurative sculpture. J.R. has enjoyed a successful career as a full-time professional artist since 1988. J.R.’s confidence in her own unique style developed after she determined to step out of the norm of ‘Western sculpture”, and fulfill her own expressive urges. Once gaining the credibility and success through museums and galleries, JR let go of her boundaries and her distinctive style came through. J.R.’s work is collected throughout the United States and Canada, as well as overseas.

The late 19th century French sculptor Auguste Rodin once stated, “Where did I learn to understand sculpture? Everywhere except in the schools”. It is in this same self-taught spirit that the bronze sculpture of Eason’s figures depict a sense of Humanity that could not have been cultivated through formal education. Her works radiate with expressive gestures, contemplative faces, and expressions of “peace”.

Eason’s works exude a sense of understanding and knowledge, reborn in sculptural form, with the wisdom only ‘life’ can bestow on an individual. Talking about her artistic practice, “My life is the substance for my creativity, and my creativity is the substance that improves my life.” Be it Native American, cross-cultural women, or the cowboy, her personal style reflects her motto - for indeed her work is “pure art from her heart...and mind’s eye.”