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Ghost HorsesEvening MaresEntrance"Two Painted Horses""Edge of the Prairie""Outcropping""Shimmer""Throwing Back""Stormy""Three with Blue""Three Painted Horses""Slick Footing""Leather Horse""Two Red Horses""Three Horses""Trio"
Terry Meyer
Terry Meyer is a self-taught artist. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he now lives and paints in Eau Claire, at his Five Mile Creek Studio. He has worked with several mediums, including silk screening, wood sculpture, clay, oils and acrylics. He currently works exclusively in watercolors. His passion is for a bolder, edgier style of watercolor; a style that gives motion to all subject matter. This fluid, open style respects the medium of watercolor, never forcing it to be anything else.

Nature is the inspiration from which Terry’s work evolves. It is the assimilation of this spirit - energy and movement - that makes his work so unique. All of his art reflects the interpretation of the energy and motion that is in everything around us.