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Angelino Magazine names Kalish: “Top LA Artist to Watch”

Kalish is an artist who has pushed the boundaries of creation and flung the doors to multi medium art wide open! He uses license plates and tail gates to make elaborate portraiture of iconic personalities and figures. Michael is truly "cutting edge" with his talent. His highly collected pieces are hard to come by!

Kalish most recently created and toured with, a monument of 24 large license plate pinwheels to help raise awareness for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Drive 4 COPD.

Reagan Presidential Library
Tampa Children’s Hospital
Atlanta Braves Stadium
Disney, Inc.
Ford Motor Company
United States Embassy, Moscow
Nike, Inc.
Saks Fifth Avenue
Jann Wenner
Pasadena Chamber of Commerce
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver
Rolling Stone Magazine
Ringo Starr
Barneys New York
Courteney Cox and David Arquette
Lara Flynn Boyle
Tim Allen
Sharon Stone
Linkin Park
Nancy Reagan
Kid Rock
Joe Cocker
50 Cent

Select Publications:
Rolling Stone Magazine, NY Times, LA Times Magazine, People Magazine, Readers Digest, Elle Magazine, In Style Magazine, Art in America, Flaunt, Item Magazine, USA Today, CBS Sunday Morning, Fox News, VHI/MTV, PBS

By Internationally Renowned Artist Michael Kalish
Twenty-four massive pinwheels sculpted from 6000 license plates and over 3 tons of steel were created to represent the vast number of American lives affected by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. The DRIVE4COPD national public health initiative partnered with Kalish to create the large-scale monument – 24M: The DRIVE4COPD Monument, inspired by the DRIVE4COPD campaign pinwheel icon. Using his signature medium, the license plate, Kalish created 24 large-scale pinwheels representing the 24 million Americans who may be living with COPD.

The sheer size and scale of 24M represents all corners of the Country and embody the breadth of the disease and its impact on America. As the installation traversed the Country and was exhibited in New York ‘s Peer 66 as well as at the Tampa Museum or Art, the interactive installation spanning half a football field was responsible for screening over 2 million people who may have been effected by COPD. 24M now resides at the world-famous Pratt Sculpture garden in Brooklyn, NY.

"The ART of Finding LOVE"
Metal Art
86" x 26" x 26"
Mixed Media
44" x 63.5"
Mixed Media
50" x 35"
"Starry Night"
Mixed Media
40" x 54"
"Bucking Bronco"
Mixed Media
47" x 52"
"Classic Flag"
Mixed Media
35" x 49.5"
"Wyoming Flag"
Mixed Media
"Native American"
Mixed Media
48" x 48"
Mixed Media
48" x 48" x 6"
48" x 48"
License Plates
35.5" x 52" [Triptych]
"Wyoming Bronco"
License Plates
"Native American Circular"
Mixed Media
15" Diameter
"American Flag"
License Plates
61" x 42"
"Rose on Yellow Shimmer"
42" x 42" x 6"