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Portfolio Monolith
Ansel Adams
Parmelian Prints of The High Sierra 1927 is Ansel's very first portfolio. This collection of silver gelatin vintage photos taken from various locations in Yosemite National Park are museum quality an available for viewing. Witness first hand the images taken by one of America's true masters and conservationist ahead of his time.

Ansel was in training to be a concert pianist, but, in 1927, he was introduced to Albert Bender, a prominent business man in San Francisco and patron of the arts, who saw his images and wanted him to consider photography rather than piano, as a profession. It was Bender who produced Adams’ first photographic portfolio, Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras. This portfolio has become one of the twentieth centuries most important historical pieces of landscape photography.

"The Monolith"
After waiting for the perfect light to graze the steep face of Half Dome, Adams, with only two negatives left, used a standard yellow filter for one exposure, but decided the resulting image would not meet his own visual experience of this breathtaking vista. He then took out a dark red filter and increased the length of the exposure, leaving the world with this image. Arguably, one of the most important landscape photographs of all time.