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"Striving to Gain""Gray Rain""An Enduring Name""The Sea Horse""Letting Go""Raw Tetons""Gratitude""A Stone Haze""Stone Bison Emergence""Neither of Them Guessed""Between the Lights"InnovationBefore the Break of DayA Deed and a WordFame and BeautyEcho of a SongOpportunity"We are Constantly Reminded""A Sort of Intention""A Detective Story""Morning Call""The River Trail""A Sentry""Nobel""The Instantaneous Answer""Woven Defiance""Food for Reflection""The Open Range""Blaze""A Ghost and a Dream""February Thaw""Love & Death""Throb of Emotion""A Little Journey in the World""An Expression of Knowing""Sienna Grove""Sentimental Adventures""Aspen Afterglow""Forlorn River""Woven Understated""Lone Stone Bison""Commanding Approach""Stone Apparitions""Ride From Sunrise to Sunset""The Tail Goes with the Hide""Stone Herd Grazing""Three Birch ""Stone Appaloosa""The Approach of Irrepressible Conflict""Traces of Thunder""Farm Economy""Heroes of the Olden Time""The Last Herd""Eight Stone Herd""Brown Stone Stampede""Creative Reason""The Stoics""Parties and Political ""A Burning Haze""Burnt Stone Shadows""Three Stone Horses""Unusual Attraction""Livestock Situation""Buffalo Haze""Burlap Sunrise""Back to the Farm""Two Stone Bison" "Robes of Justice""Battle Over Universals ""Stone Bison"AM Stockhill Biography
A.M. Stockhill
A.M.'s work has been featured in publications such as COWGIRL Magazine ("Women Artists, 9 of the Brightest Western Stars" article, March 2015 ed.), Mountain Living Magazine (Nov/Dec 2013), the cover of 2012 Best of Worldwide Abstract and Mixed Media Artists and Poets of the American West, published in 2010, Southwest Art Magazine ("Horse Power" article, April 2009 ed.), and Farm Friends, a 2008 children's book written by Anna Roan. A.M. Stockhill's work is also in the collection of First Interstate Bank.

A graduate of the University of Montana’s art program, she was fascinated by the opportunities presented by taking a non-traditional approach to painting, and found a way to incorporate the unusual into the western genre. AM Stockhill specializes in richly textured painting surfaces, and warm, earth-inspired tones. AM's experimentation with texture adds a distinctive three-dimensional style to her work. Of special interest to AM are the subtle variations in colors and surfaces created in her "Rock Wall" series, in which she brings the appearance and feeling of stone into her backgrounds by the application of many layers of textural mediums.

AM's "Woven" series signifies endurance in her technique of ripping canvas into strips before weaving them back together into a richly textured painting surface. Perhaps her most recognized technique is the timeless spirit created by the integration of old book pages into paintings, as in the "Book" series. Books that have lost their intrinsic value due to damage are preferred. Old Western novels, history books, and other papers from the past help portray the passage of time.

Residing in Montana, AM is especially drawn to painting the spirit of the subject, its beauty, passion and power. The application of many thin layers of pigment are used to create a sense of depth, and build the luminosity and emotional impact that AM seeks.

Artist Statement:
"I prefer to paint the essence of my subject matter, capturing its strength, passion and beauty. I am fascinated by the possibilities and impact of combining texture with subject matter, and enjoy taking my work in new and unusual directions. I am drawn to subtle, earthy colors, and the unique timelessness that they convey in my subject matter."