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Tangled Up in BlueStars and Stripes"Moonlighting'"From Here to There""No Ties Required""Test Drive""Razzle Dazzle""Evening Rounds""Snow Factor""Big Blue Sky""Early Riser""Powder Playground""Closely Knit Group""Red Alert""After Midnight""Crazy Legs""Evening Rounds II""Ground Zero""Heading for the Hills""Moon Shine""No Boundaries""On the Run""Rest Stop""Saddle Up""Seeing Blue""Snowline""Snowline""Strength in Numbers""Field Guides""Outlier""Yellowstone Guide Service""Snow King""Little Snowys""Code Red""Winter Quarters""Golden Hour""Evening Rounds""Winter Gather""The Buglar's Cry""Rest Stop""Straw & Hay""Blue Moon""Movin' West""Second Look""Where's Rocky?""Huddled Up""Pasture Pals""Headin' West""Blue Yonder""Little Rascals""Spring Rein""Little Bull""Night Watch""Hang Tight""Distant Thunder""Red Land""Headin' West""The Veteran""Camp Visitor""Grandstanding""Blue Grass""Mounted Up""Glacier Bear""Buffalo Stance""Gros Ventre Remuda""Traffic Stopper""Lone Wolf""Mama Bear""Big Browser""Ground's Keeper""Little Wolf""Honor Guard""Moose""Just Looking""Welcoming Committee""Amarillo Sol""Long Stride""Socorro Spring""Before the Rain""Winter Camp""Moonlight Rendezvous""Watchful Eye""Yellowstone""Heads Up""Foursome""Bridger Brigade""Close Connection""The One and Only""Got Your Attention""Lone Moose""Special Ops""Spring Thaw""Triple Focus""Trail Boss""Just Browsing"
Carol Spielman
Carol Spielman is the first painter to be honored with the opportunity of Artist in Residence at the Yellowstone Museum during the summer of 2012. Her work has been featured in publications including Big Sky Journal and Southwest Art Magazine. Carol has received the Billings Edith M. Freeman Award for Outstanding Service to the Arts, and has participated in the Charles M Russell Juried Art Auction as well as many numerous charitable causes to benefit local and national organizations. Her work is found in both public and private collections throughout the country, including First Interstate Bank, Hilton Hotel and the University of Montana.

Carol grew up on Orcas Island, Washington. She studied at the University of Washington and Montana State University - Billings where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts. She began her career with Nordstrom’s, which afforded her the opportunity to travel the world.

Artist Statement
“The way of the world by horseback is a wonderful experience. Growing up in the beautiful San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington, my love of horses began with a bareback ride on the beach. The horse and I rode deep enough into the water to swim. It was at that moment, when the horse and I were totally in sync with each other, that we became one. I will never forget this profound event. It has greatly influenced the representation of horses in my work.

Developing a close relationship with each painting happens during the creative process. The art and I communicate as I explore chance happenings through experimentation and discovery. Texture embodies the color and captures the energy I feel guiding me as I venture to unveil the tranquil, graceful and powerful essence of the horse.”