RARE Gallery - Jackson Hole Art Galleries
"Thin Pro Quo""Chalk One Up""Perpetual Push""Chute-N-Pow""Huck'n Forty"
Chris St. Jeor
Chris St. Jeor has show his work at the Park City Kimball Arts Festival, the Utah Arts Festival and the Loveland Arts Festival.

Artist's Statement
"I’ve been sculpting since 2008, using it as my main creative outlet. It’s also become a big part of my social life, meeting and talking with folks where I’ve displayed and sold my art. The connection with these people has been a big part of my motivation in creating and producing my sculptures. Getting to see someone’s excitement and appreciation in response to my work, and then seeing my art become part of their home, or office, is extremely gratifying and motivating. Most of my art reflects my lifestyle and my love of the outdoors. I gain tremendous inspiration from Mother Nature and by spending time enjoying and experiencing Her awesome and vast beauty."