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"Winter Shadow II""Winter Shadow""Morning Shadow""Evening Shadow II""Winter Evening""Last Winter Light""Winter Evening II""Lee's Barn""Summer Light""Solstice""Shadows at Dusk""Lee's Barn""Lasting Winter Light II""Evening Shadows""Evening Shadows II""Crumbling at Dusk""Blue Barn""Bright Blue Sky""Bright Blue Sky ll""Jack's Place in Summer Sun""Old Woman's Barn""Uly's Barn, Orange Sky""Shelter""Grand Prismatic Hotspring""Kebler Pass""Blue Doors""Above Slough Creek"
"Hay Barn""Gibson's Neighbor""Hillside in Morning Sun""Under a Crescent Moon""Texas Afternoon""Coyote Woods""Open Crib""Crib in Winter""Winter Moon""Spring Grass""Reflection""Gathering Sky""Bright""Corn Crib Winter Sun""Corn Crib Winter Moon""Jack's Place in Winter""Four Windows""Jack's Place in Snow""Pink Barn""Bear Study 1""Hayden Valley Evening""Buffalo Study 2""Gray Barn, Green Sky""Buffalo Study 1""February Moon""Bear Study 2""On the Edge of Heaven""Molly's Grove""December Moon""June Barn"
Richard Harrington
Richard Harrington’s work has been shown at the Schweinfurth Museum, NY, the Arnot Museum, NY, and the Pearce Museum, TX. He was awarded the Harris Popular Vote for his painting “Hot Summer Sky” at the 2013 Finger Lakes Exhibition.

Richard grew up pursuing outdoor activities, and those landscapes have stayed with him into his adult life. The barn paintings evolved out of the memories of childhood visits to ranches of his aunts and uncles in eastern Oregon. They are contemporary representations of traditional subject matter, recalling the history of interactions with people and places.

Richard paints in his studio on canvas or panels based on brief sketches done on location. He aims for balance between abstraction and representation that leaves the viewer feeling as if they are looking at a memory.

Artist’s Statement
“In a culture that increasingly separates us from the natural world, my interest is in how we relate to it, how it lives in our minds and memories and how it can provide us with a sense of belong, connection and home.”