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"The Honorable Ursus Arctos, Grizzly Bear, Ambassador of Intuition""The Honorable Ovis Canadensis, Bighorn Sheep, Ambassador of The Heart""Council of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Ambassadors of Adaptation""The Honorable Dragonfly; Ambassador of Transformation""Honorable Leo Montes, Mt Lion, Ambassador of Patience""Honorable Canis Lupus, Grey Wolf, Guardian of Family""Interdependence Council; We Need Each Other""Honorable Strix Nebulosa, Great Grey Owl, Ambassador of Clairvoyance""Seeds of Hope""Cairn 1""When Building Cairns, Use Wishing Rocks""2 Girls on Bicycle""Girl in Red""Artemis & The Bees"...Not a Dress""American Burying Beetle""Cairn lll: B's of Bygone?""Himalayan Moon Bear" "Lobster II""Cairn IV: Pleiades""Snowy Owl""The Sky's Cloth""Brave""Seeds Planted""Raw Milk Study""Alighting Butterflies"
Britt Freda
Britt Freda's work has been featured in The Aspen Art Museum, CO and the National Museum of Wildlife Art Jackson, WY as well as many other exhibits throughout the country. She has been published in multiple editions of American Art Collector and received such awards as the Fredric Remington Award & Best of Show.

Britt received a double degree with honor in fine art and writing from St. Lawrence University in New York. In addition, she studied painting, drawing and photography at Lorenzo de' Medici Institure of Art in Florence, Italy and by invitation for intensive residency study at La Cipressai in Montagnana, Italy under internationally acclaimed South African artists Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky. She has taken the occasional sabbatical from painting to build other creative visions. She has lived and painted in Taos, NM and Aspen, CO for much of her life. Britt presently resides where she can walk to the salt water in Seattle, WA with her young family.