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"Distant Visions""Grand Dreams""Welcome the  Eclipse" 2017 Limited Edition Print. "Road to Storm""Teton Storm""Cowboy Bar""Hayden Valley""No Vacancy""Mammoth Hot Springs""Herness""What Once Was""Road to Tetons""Clouds of Disguise""The Energy of Yellowstone""Knowledge in the Eyes""The Essence of Time""Time is of the Essence""The Calling of the Heights""The Sky""Standing Wisdom""Flowers in Rain I""Eyes on the Sky""Cloud Walker""Aspen Grove""Contemplation""Teton Clouds""King of the Pride"
Essence Series"Standing the Test of Time""Snow Fox""Fear the Mountains""Running for the Light III""Reality of Dreams""Red Hot...""Got Her""Tears of Our Elders""Yes, I'm Looking at You""Who's the Beast""Relationships Aren't Always Black and White""Teton Clouds""Running for the Light II""Drawn Together""Twin Falls""Tetons in Sepia""Stream to Tetons""Deep Blue""Old House""The Golden Owl in the Storm""Blue""Old Mill""Home""Flight of Time""Drawn Together""Run for the Hills""Running for the Light I"
Artist Statement:

I believe in the portrayal of energy and motion. Every image and stroke becomes a thought to be shared. Each event is spontaneous while trying to organize the chaos.

The newest body of work the “Mountain Energies”

I have always wanted to paint mountains in a way the reflects the way they make me feel. At times I am throwing gallons of paint at the canvas, by using this technique the visual appeal becomes more fluid and visceral.

Kivie's work has been featured in national and international publications and is in collectors homes throughout the world. He is represented by RARE Gallery in Jackson Hole.

Corporate Celebrity Public Collections:

Vanity Fair

Past CEO of Starbucks

Past CEO Goldman Sachs

Zac Brown Band Collection

CEO of Fortress Investments


The International Anti-Poaching Foundation

The Truth Anti-Smoking Campaign

The Don’t Poach The Powder Campaign,

Conservation Alliance,

Children’s Community Project.

Commercial Work:



The North Face

Salomon Sports

Hillwood Corporation


Teton Gravity Research


National Geographic


USA Today

Skiing Magazine

Powder Magazine


The Guardian

Kivie's work may be found here in RARE Gallery – He is currently working on a groundbreaking 3d body of work called "the Unseen" to be previewed at RARE Gallery in Jackson Hole in the Summer of 2017.

His photography has been collected by celebrities and art collectors worldwide. He has been published in National Geographic, Time Magazine, NewsWeek, USA Today, Men's Journal and Powder and Skiing Magazines. He has done commercial work for Audi, Toyota, and Chevy Trucks.

Kivie grew up in Durango, CO. His grandmother was an artist, and he was surrounded by the southwestern aesthetic of the Navajo and Hopi peoples.

“Art has always been a vehicle for my mind to travel beyond reality and I surround myself with it.”